Puppy school is a four-week program for puppies ages 8 to 16 weeks. Consisting of 1+ hour each week, the classes feature small, controlled groups to maximise the benefit to you and your dog. Puppy school can also be catered to suit one-on-one sessions and/or training off site. 

*via zoom during lockdown

What’s covered in our puppy class:

  • How to build a strong foundation for the puppy to grow within the family

  • Addressing the key problems with puppy raising – eg toilet training/nipping & biting/ food guarding

  • Gain a full understanding of development from puppy to adulthood, what you can expect and how to grow with your dog

  • Puppies learn basic obedience, sit, drop, come, stay, leave it

  • Puppies engage in a controlled play with other puppies, identifying good behaviour and preventing bad behaviours

  • Understanding impulse control, implement self soothing training to alleviate anxiety in the future & the importance of play

  • Ongoing strategies

$260 per 4 week course